Wasuremono (Something Forgotten)

Selected images from a photo book created while studying in Tokyo, Japan. Digitally printed on Epson paper, perfect bound. Shot with an Olympus E-M10 Mark II. 2018


While living in Tokyo for the past four months, I’ve often found myself wandering around the city alone. This isn’t a unique experience for foreigners in the city, but it has been an important aspect of my stay. During my explorations I have come across a variety of settings and situations that I’ve felt the urge to document. Empty, often overlooked and forgotten moments in the city make up the majority of the book’s contents.

The result of these photographs is a study of the metropolis through its textures, structures, and colors. Through my focus on the nonhuman and inanimate elements of the urban environment, I hope to convey feelings of melancholy, loneliness and alienation. These photos are a way for me to understand my surroundings and my place within it.

To me, this book is a documentation of my stay here, but also a meditation on my mixed emotions concerning my identity as an American with Japanese heritage. Though being Japanese has always been part of my identity, my stay in Tokyo has brought up emotions and feelings I thought I’d forgotten.