Artist Statement

At the top of the stairs in my childhood home, there is a reproduction of one of Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mt. Fuji - Fine Wind, Clear Morning. I remember walking up the stairs every day and seeing that print for the eighteen plus years I lived there. This print was one of the many objects in our home reflecting my mother’s and my own mixed Japanese heritage. These images and impressions have stayed with me to this day, recently leading me to question the importance of memory, nostalgia and sentimentality in the creation of identity.

Though these are fairly recent concerns, my work has addressed memory and obstructing forces in the past. Screens, fences and barriers are all images and motifs that have often made their way into my prints, photos and drawings. Through the retracing and rearrangement of images and photographs, I create prints and drawings that allow me to examine and understand my identity.